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Nearest stops and departures

Purpose and benefits

See the nearest stops and departures - faster and easier than


without parameters, your current position will be determined with GeoLocation API. You can drag the green pin to another location.By default, the timetables will be shown for the five nearest stops, and maximum of 15 departures are shown at a time. The nearest 30 stops within the radius will be shown on the map, but the ones included in the departure list are shown with a larger icon. You can toggle the stops "on and off" by clicking them.

You can save the current view (position, radius, activated stops) by bookmarking the link titled "Linkki tähän näkymään". Or you can hack the URL parameters:

latitude and longitude, separated with a comma
radius of the area where stops are being located, in meters
departure information refresh interval, in seconds
maximum number of stops on the map
number of active stops in the initial view
maximum number of departures in the departure list
list of stops to be activated

Test: Only train stops to Helsinki direction activated. Same without the map.

APIs used